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In the fall of 1960, the Dane County Medical Society (DCMS) approached a group of local pathologists with a request for cytology services. The DCMS was not satisfied with the services that were currently available. They also believed that the Pap test should be an integral part of every woman’s physical and wanted more accessible service. With this intent, Dane County Cytology Center opened on December 19th, 1960. It was initially staffed by two cytologists and one office clerk. Pathologists from St. Mary’s Methodist and Madison General (now Meriter) provided the pathology coverage.

As time went on, pathologists from these two hospitals started providing services to several rural hospitals. These facilities then began to utilize the Cytology Center for testing. Other laboratories also depended on the Cytology Center during times when they could not meet their workflow demands (i.e. vacations, family leave, etc.).

Over the years the Cytology Center adopted new tests and procedures as cytology testing evolved and found new applications. In the 1990s a fine needle aspiration (FNA) team was formed to assist physicians by providing immediate on-site adequacy assessment at the hospital or clinic where the FNA was performed. This teamwork greatly improved specimen quality and we continue to look for ways of partnering with clinicians to better patient care. Most recently, HPV testing was brought in-house to improve service and turn-around time. Besides high-risk HPV testing, we also became the first laboratory in Wisconsin to offer the Cervista™ HPV 16/18 genotyping test.

Today, the Cytology Center employs a dedicated team of cytologists, laboratory technicians and office staff. Pathology coverage is supplied by a total of nine pathologists from Associated Pathologists, S.C. and Wisconsin Pathologists, S.C. As we look at our growth over the last 50 years we are grateful for the loyalty and confidence of our clients. It has always been and always will be our goal to provide excellent cytology services to our clinicians and their patients.


Dane County Citology Center

CLIA Number: 52D0393619

CAP LAP Number: 1784401-01