Tech-Assisted FNA's

Tech-Assisted Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsies

For over 10 years, Dane County Cytology Center has partnered with Madison area clinicians to assist in the collection of Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsies (FNAs).  Our team of specially trained cytotechnologists travel to the procedure site and provide immediate feedback to the physician on the adequacy of the specimen. 

Having a cytotechnologist available for needle biopsies can:

  • Provide peace of mind for patients and clinicians that the FNA specimen is adequate and diagnostic
  • Save the patient trauma due to unneeded extra needle passes
  • Save a second appointment to re-biopsy unsatisfactory specimens
  • Help determine if adjunctive tests (i.e. flow cytometry) could be of benefit for the patient
  • Decrease turn-around time for FNA specimens

Our FNA cytotechnologists are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.  Pre-scheduling FNA procedures with our office is strongly recommended.  If a FNA procedure arises unexpectedly, we will make every effort to send a cytotechnologist to you as soon as possible. 

For more information or to schedule a FNA, contact:

Teri Kroll, CT (ASCP)
FNA Team Leader
Phone:  (608) 255-5135 Ext. 314


Note: For FNA collection procedures see Non-GYN section of test menu.

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